–for my friend, who is in pain

November 2022

Chinese Medicine is beyond the gender binary
Another look at Miriam Lee's "10 Point Protocol"

September 2022

On Earth, and how TCM school gets it wrong
But actually "Late Summer" Earth

August 2022

Russell attempts brevity
I don't go around giving a lot of unsolicited business advice for new practitioners but I've been chatting with a few people who just got licensed and…

June 2022

As a reminder, I will be on sabbatical until August 2. I’ve never taken time off from Poke before (that wasn’t relative to an apocalyptic quarantine…

May 2022

Acupuncturists love to say “Anger resides in the Liver.” This is, of course, utterly preposterous. It's not totally our fault; all the old books teach…
Are you rising to the heights of Summer, or still hiding in Winter's long shadow? Plot yourself on the the wild Poke Acupuncture "Choose Your Own Life…

March 2022

A quick reminder to students: You are in school to pass an examination which tests you on content and curriculum that is arbitrary, not terribly…

November 2021

Carrie saw the news as she was walking in to our appointment: a colleague hung himself. She’s an actress, as was he, so it was all over the internet…